Neue Tournee: Feuerwerk der Turnkunst – Aura 2018


Whoever hears the concept of aura, a mystical, if not somber, mood often appears before the inner eye. Perhaps even goose bumps are spreading. However, the Aura tour in 2018 will show that aura can have many facets and in particular, an absolutely positive effect. At the same time it is multi-layered, deep and radiant.

The 2018 tour of Feuerwerk der Turnkunst, Europe’s most successful gymnastics show, wears the title “Aura”. Since, besides our artistic existence as Duo Piti, we are still members of the cast of Feuerwerk der Turnkunst, the chances are not bad that you can watch us again at one of the 20 tour stops this year. As an independent duo, we will not appear in the program in any case, but in other places we will probably be part of the show. We can not guarantee that we will participate in the next tour because we will have other contracts at the same time. However, anyone who knows us and the Feuerwerk der Turnkunst, knows that the show is worth watching again with or without us.

Back up your tickets already, otherwise all the good seats in the big arenas will be sold out soon. Besides, it’s the perfect Christmas present!

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Feuerwerk der Turnkunst AURA Tournee 2018 from Feuerwerk der Turnkunst on Vimeo.

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