New show at GOP Varieté-Theater Hanover


Next stop: Varieté!
25 years GOP Hanover, 125 years ÜSTRA, 30 years Feuerwerk der Turnkunst:

What happens when three institutions whose common denominator is dynamism and movement create a birthday show? It’s simple: it’s fast, innovative and quite spectacular. This show for the triple jubilee draws from the full. A real city tram is placed in the middle of the GOP theatre. Seats, stanchions and corridors serve as artistic props – as a backdrop for moments and encounters that write life. Scenes – dramatic, romantic, hilarious, but always fleeting. The magical train moments are interpreted by outstanding artists from all over the world. Underpinned by the sounds and melodies of a lively city. Metropolitan: a moving declaration of love to Hanover – and life.

From 31st August to 29th October, we perform every day with the METROPOLITAN ensemble at the GOP Varieté Theater in Hanover. In addition to an emotionally charged and actually exploding new duo act, Pierre celebrates his premiere as a soloist on the aerial straps. You should not miss this special new show full of emotions and daydreams in Hanover’s urban railway life. Click on the button to secure tickets to your friends and family.

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