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As competitive athletes, our bodies need a lot of nutrients to be able to show full commitment for every workout and every performance on stage. However, we do not manage to cover this daily nutrient requirement with enough fruits and vegetables. Therefore, like many other people, we rely on dietary supplements to increase our quality of life. Many associations and top athletes such as handball world champion Christian Schwarzer or the German national ice hockey team trust in FitLine – and you?

With the products of FitLine® we have more energy for everyday life, a stronger immune system to stay healthy, more fitness, faster recovery while sleeping and we can easily keep our feel-good weight. The products all have a unique Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®). NTC always brings the nutrients exactly where they are needed – at the cellular level! For different needs, there are individual products to increase the well-being.

In addition, we enable you to become part of our team and work with FitLine® as an independent entrepreneur. A lucrative alternative to your job. Finally, divide and shape your precious lifetime yourself. Or build your own company with a strong team. The whole without a risk and with a world-wide proven concept.

Our experience

Since the end of 2017 we use the products of FitLine®. Since then, completely new opportunities arise for us in training and in our performances. By optimally supplying our bodies with all the essential nutrients, we have increased our efficiency by 100%. Click on the video to the left to view our review.

Be part of our team!

As a team partner of Duo Piti GbR and thus independent sales partner of PM International AG, you can secure an immediate and long-term income. Whether part-time, next to work or study or full-time. You are your own boss! If you have any questions, you can always contact us directly with the form below.

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We are happy to advise you personally about the FitLine®supplements. Just send us a message and tell us about your everyday life, no matter what it looks like. Based on existing reports from our team, we will try to find the right FitLine® products for your individual needs.