TV report: Duo Piti rehearses for new GOP show in Hanover

Hundreds of thousands of people use the subway every day – and the GOP Varieté Theater in Hanover is now using it for their new show “Metropolitan”. The Duo Piti, two artists known from the ProSieben TV-show “Got to Dance”, are part of the cast. Dancing and gymnastics in a subway is something really extraordinary […]

New show at GOP Varieté-Theater Hanover

Next stop: Varieté! 25 years GOP Hanover, 125 years ÜSTRA, 30 years Feuerwerk der Turnkunst: What happens when three institutions whose common denominator is dynamism and movement create a birthday show? It’s simple: it’s fast, innovative and quite spectacular. This show for the triple jubilee draws from the full. A real city tram is placed in […]

New TV Show on Sat.1: “It’s Showtime – The Battle of the Best”

In February, we were in Munich, Bavaria Filmstudios, for a new TV show: It’s Showtime – The Battle of the Best. A show in which the best artists of their business (dancers, musicians, magicians, artists, …) compete against each other. At the end of each episode there is a daily winner. The recording for this […]